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Knowledge and ancient remedies based fundamentally on the Ethnobotany studies. - Practices to activate the natural healing processes.

  • Plants Properties Knowledge –
  • Recognize the Species of Healing and Power Plants –
  • Distinguish Edible Flowers and Roots –
  • Use of Berries in Preparation for Natural Cures –
  • Essential Oils and Extracts of Actives Principles –
  • Recognize Migratory Ethnic Influences –
  • Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Knowledge –
  • Ethnobotany and Cultural Anthropology –
  • Biotope Species Protection –
  • Respect for the Environment –

  • Figure out the origin of different diseases -
  • Avoid to exposing yourself to mass contaminations -
  • Taking Care of Health into a Natural Way –
  • Balance the domestic areas (Homes, Buildings) -
  • Purify rooms or areas of frequent use –
  • Use the Crystals and Stones properties –
  • Know Natural remedies for most unstable Symptoms –
  • Natural Remedies for Immune Depressive Diseases –
  • Prevent Discomfort and Mental Illness –
  • Comprehend the dynamics between migratory cultural relations –
Online Course 2024
Learning Yearly workshop 2024
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general info:
The approach would consist in:
  • Listening and evaluation of the Physical and Psychological Symptoms
  • Psycho-physical-emotional Analysis
  • BioEneretic Analysis
  • Intuitive and anthropological evaluatoiion of the Symptom
  • Stimulation of Physical Points (body-mind)
  • Use Herbs, Crystals,Stones, Essential Oils, a.s.o. based on the need and skill of the specialist
  • Electromagnetic-field Purification and Balancing (Aura Cleaning)

Citation: ETHNOBOTANY: Trans-Interdisciplinary Science, placed between Cultural and Botanical Anthropology, that deals with the use and perception of plants species within on human societies and more, of the Research and Study of the Plants properties and their use in the human and animal environment. [see also <Ethnomedicine>]_
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