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Administration Dept.

KJC's Office
Administration Department
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Currently it is charged to the owner and efficently coordinated it in two work-stations:
Fiscal Registered Office [FRO] and Digital Mobile Station[DMS].

Segretery > The connection of these two work-stations creates an automatic satellite geolocation system controlled by the Authorities of the transit or stay States. Introduced as an International Secretariat Service, communications and operations are handled anywhere in the shortest possible time, since it is not a virtual structure and is therefore managed by human resources.

Bookkeping > Accounting and Employment Consultant is managed by authorized Private Professional Studio.

Archives > Archives are preserved as digital and paper into unmentioned places for security.

Clients Dept. > Customer service is a service of management and protection of information and privacy. Every natural or legal person is identified by a Code produced by the Security Office. The data and information held by KJC's aren't freely accessible from anyone. Private or military authorities need to request access to data with serious motivation. Government agencies have their own data access systems for which KJC's cannot guarantee in these cases.
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Jo’Hán Chánt’Ney
Medicine Man of the Grand Canyon, Arizona         Alien and Keeper of the Diné Spiritual Heritage
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